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2016 ALR Flag respect at Marcy School

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Agenda for Veterans program at Marcy school

Principal Donna Andrews: Introduction to students on what they will see, the meaning of American Flag respect.

Introduction: Dr Hassing

Dr Hassing: ride motorcycle in with Minnesota ALR vest, put on Doctorate Cap and Gown, greet Principal, takeover program. Explain proper respect for the American Flag when the American Flag passes in front of you, have children stand and place hand over heart.

Dr Hassing: Introduction JROTC MTS General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy.

JROTC: Advance Colors, lower hands.

Dr Hassing: Explain proper respect for the American Flag when the National Anthem is sung.

Dr Hassing: Introduction Cheryl (Dakota) Leigh Reko (in Kansas ALR vest), have children place hand over heart.

Dakota: After singing the National Anthem, have children sit.

Dr Hassing: Introduction Minnesota DAV State Commander MICK AGUIRRE

Cmdr Mick: Explain proper respect for the American Flag when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. have children stand, face the color guard, and place hand over heart. recite Pledge, have children sit. present to the Principal 2 teacher DVD's on behalf of the DAV.

Dr Hassing: Introduce Ruth Fingerson, University Lutheran Church of Hope (who bought the 30 classroom flags)

Ruth: Present the check to Marcy school for all the flags.

Dr Hassing: Introduce Minnesota American Legion Department Commander Denise Milton

Cmdr Denise: Present certificates to Church, Ruth, Principal, and the 3 Custodians who are seated in stage area). Present to Principal Donna Andrews the Plaque (signed by American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt) and American Flag banner for Marcy School.

Cmdr Denise: Talk to the children on your journey from youth to the successful person you are today. Thank the Principal for having this Veterans Program

Principal Donna: Closing remarks.


Inspecting classroom flags: 5th District Commander Ray Eiden, DAV Department Commander Mick Aguirre, Principal Donna Andrews, Dr Jody Hassing, TAL Department Commander Denise Milton, TAL Dept. Vice Cmdr General Curtis Norenberg.